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Wild Soul


  • Giclée Print on Fine Art Canvas
  • Signed and numbered on the back with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and guarantees that your print is a limited work of art only available in the indicated editions.

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Wild Soul

Terezinha Lorena’s “Wild Soul” explodes with vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes, capturing the very essence of a horse running free. The central figure, a magnificent creature with a coat of brown and white and a flowing white mane and tail, dominates the composition. In a dynamic display of movement, the horse stretches its legs and raises its head high as it gallops powerfully through the water. Water explodes around the horse, splashing wildly and adding to the sense of untamed energy and exhilarating motion.

The artist employs a warm and bright palette, with fiery yellows, oranges, reds, and blues. These colors boldly contrast with the horse’s brown and white tones, creating a striking and visually stimulating effect. The composition itself mirrors the horse’s wild spirit. The diagonal placement across the canvas and the water flowing in all directions reinforce the feeling of untamed freedom.

“Wild Soul” invites multiple interpretations. On a literal level, it depicts the pure joy of a horse reveling in its freedom as it races and splashes through the water, creating a scene of awe-inspiring beauty. However, the painting transcends the literal, transforming into a powerful metaphor for the human soul. Free from the constraints and burdens of the material world, the horse embodies the human spirit’s yearning for liberation and uninhibited expression. Its energy and vitality resonate with our own deep desire to break free and live life to the fullest.

  • Type: Giclée Print
  • Material: Fine Art canvas
  • Signature: Signed and numbered on the back by the artist

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Terezinha Lorena, Brazil





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Fine Art Canvas, Giclée

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