DRESS CODE - Galerie Portraits


We create magnificent works of art that will accompany your family year after year, for many generations. They will be testimonies of their history, at the same time that they will always keep a fresh air thanks to our exclusive style of creation.

For this to be possible, one of the things that must be followed is a specific dress code, a classic, discreet and elegant styling that takes the observer’s gaze to what really matters, the faces and expressions of their loved ones.



Men: Dark colored jacket (tuxedo or suit), white shirt, colored tie and inconspicuous figures, and dark pants.

Women: Dark color dress, such as black, blue, burgundy, dark green etc. Preferably without prints. Classic jewelry such as diamonds, pearls, etc.

Girls: Dark or pastel colored dresses, without figures. If they are 4 years old or younger, ivory, cream or white dresses are also recommended. Short or sleeveless sleeves.

Boys: Same as men, or a dark sweater without pictures. If they are less than 4 years old, a white shirt could be accompanied with a bow tie or any other classic style adornment.