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  • Giclée Print on Fine Art Canvas
  • Signed and numbered on the back with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and guarantees that your print is a limited work of art only available in the indicated editions.

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Terezinha Lorena’s powerful artwork, One, captures the raw energy and determination of a black horse leading a herd across a body of water. The black stallion, its coat gleaming like polished obsidian, surges forward with unwavering focus. Its powerful legs churn the water into a frothy spray. Its mane, a cascade of raven black, whips back in the wind, mirroring the flow of its ebony tail.

Behind the lead stallion, echoing its every movement, a mare with a coat the color of rich chestnut kicks up plumes of water with each powerful stride. Further back in the herd, a flash of white emerges: a horse with a mane like a flowing river of pearl dips momentarily below the surface, momentarily obscured by the churning water. Yet, its presence is undeniable, adding another layer of texture and movement to the scene.

The black stallion’s dominance is undeniable. Its head held high, nostrils flared, it cuts a path through the water. Every muscle ripples with power and purpose, embodying the very essence of unstoppable determination.

Terezinha Lorena’s use of dynamic brushstrokes and a masterful interplay of light and shadow propel the viewer into the heart of the action. We feel the spray of the water and the thunderous impact of hooves against the current. Singularity is a testament to the untamed spirit of the wild horse, a breathtaking portrayal of power, grace, and unwavering resolve.

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  • Type: Giclée Print
  • Material: Fine Art canvas
  • Signature: Signed and numbered on the back by the artist

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Terezinha Lorena, Brazil





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Fine Art Canvas, Giclée

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