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  • Giclée Print on Fine Art Canvas
  • Signed and numbered on the back with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and guarantees that your print is a limited work of art only available in the indicated editions.

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A whirlwind of motion explodes across the canvas in Terezinha Lorena’s powerful work titled “Velocity.” A magnificent chestnut horse, its coat the color of rich, polished mahogany, tears across the foreground. Its powerful legs churn through shallow water, each hoof strike sending a plume of glistening spray exploding outwards. The water droplets catch the sunlight momentarily, like tiny diamonds scattered across the scene, before dissolving back into the churning water. Bunched muscles ripple beneath the horse’s sleek coat, a testament to the raw power it unleashes with every powerful stride.

The background surrenders to the relentless pace of the horse. Trees and bushes blur into streaks of vibrant green and earthy brown under Terezinha Lorena’s masterful brushstrokes. The water itself becomes an accomplice in this display of speed. The artist’s brush dances a frenetic ballet, blurring the surface of the water and mimicking the rippling effect caused by the horse’s passage. The limited color palette, dominated by shades of brown, green, and white, further enhances the sense of focus. 

The title, “Velocity,” becomes a resounding declaration rather than a mere description in Terezinha Lorena’s work. The artist has masterfully orchestrated every element.We are no longer passive observers; the artist has thrown us into the heart of the action. We can almost feel the spray of water stinging our faces, the wind whipping through our hair as we struggle to keep pace with the breathtaking velocity of this magnificent creature.

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  • Type: Giclée Print
  • Material: Fine Art canvas
  • Signature: Signed and numbered on the back by the artist

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Terezinha Lorena, Brazil





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Fine Art Canvas, Giclée

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