Galerie Portraits - Galerie Portraits

Galerie Portraits rescues the family portraits that used to decorate European houses in the past, using contemporary and exclusive artistic techniques, bringing together the modern and the classic by creating spectacular works of art that portray the most valuable and important thing in our lives.

Galerie Portraits offers you the possibility of having inside your house something as extraordinary as the works of art of the Renaissance-style family portraits, which we enjoy on our visits to the best international museums, currently developed with unique and exclusive avant-garde techniques, with an author’s brushstroke, which turns them into imperishable works of art.

It is not just any painting, but a work of art, where your loved ones will be portrayed by experienced and recognized artists, using the best technique and materials only accessible to the best professionals. Like a valuable jewel on the wall that just by looking at it, will always remind you of what really matters in our lives.

At Galerie Portraits, we want to create the work of art that will immortalize your family for the next generations, elegantly decorating your home in the most prominent place.

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