Endurance - Giclée Fine Art Print - Limited Edition - Galerie Portraits

Endurance – Giclée Fine Art Print – Limited Edition


Giclée Fine Art Print: Limited to only 15 pieces, the captivating artwork “Endurance” belongs to the “Female Portraits: Looking Back to the Past” collection. Each print is meticulously numbered, personally signed by the artist, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Exclusive Limited Edition: Just 15 prints available of the exquisite artwork “Endurance”, meticulously rendered on Giclée fine art print using 100% cotton paper, acid-free for lasting quality. Each print is individually numbered and personally signed by the artist with precision penmanship on the front.

  • Technique: Giclée Fine Art Print
  • Dimensions: 33 x 45 cm
  • Limited edition of: 15
  • Signed: Séfora
  • Paper: Creative Smooth Watercolor Paper, 240 gsm
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Yes


“Endurance”: The Story Behind the Artwork


Sandra was born in Colombia, where she faced unimaginable hardship and pain. Trapped in a relationship marred by domestic violence, she suffered continuous physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her ex-partner, the father of her child. Even after separating from him, the threats to her life persisted, leaving her in constant fear for her and her child’s safety.

In search of refuge and a chance to rebuild her life, Sandra fled to Spain with the help of an acquaintance. However, her journey was far from the safe haven she had envisioned. As an undocumented migrant, Sandra encountered further abuse and mistreatment, unable to seek justice due to her vulnerable status. Despite these overwhelming challenges, Sandra’s spirit remained unbroken.

Sandra’s resilience shines through her story. She is like a seemingly fragile but resilient vase that refuses to break. Her unwavering inner strength, perseverance, and faith in a better future exemplify the true essence of human endurance.

Endurance: A Tribute to Resilience


“Endurance” by Séfora Camazano is a visual ode to Sandra’s incredible story. This limited edition fine art print reflects the delicate yet unyielding nature of Sandra’s spirit. The artwork beautifully captures the juxtaposition of vulnerability and strength, illustrating a journey fraught with pain yet marked by an unbreakable will to survive and thrive.

Owning Endurance is a reminder of the incredible power of resilience. Sandra’s story is not just her own; it represents the countless individuals who fight against adversity every day. This artwork serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring you to persevere through your challenges. By purchasing this fine art print, you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece of art but also supporting the broader narrative of overcoming abuse and adversity. Your purchase helps raise awareness and encourages others to find strength in their darkest times.


A Unique and Limited Edition Piece


Endurance is a limited edition fine art print, making it a unique addition to any collection. As one of the select few to own this piece, you celebrate the artistry of Séfora Camazano and the profound story behind the artwork.

Art is most powerful when it tells a story. Endurance is not just an artwork; it is a conversation starter, a piece that evokes emotion and prompts reflection. It adds depth and meaning to any space, making it a valuable addition to your home or office.

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Séfora Camazano, Spain

Year of Production



33×45 cm


Fine Art Paper, Giclée

Numbered Edition