The prices and sales conditions are for informational purposes only and may be modified due to market fluctuations. However, placing an order by completing the purchasing process implies that you accept the offered price and the general sales conditions in force at that specific moment. The most common way to confirm your acceptance, which we have also implemented, is to include a checkbox that you must mark before completing your order, indicating your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Once the order is formalized, the purchase will be considered perfected, with all the legal guarantees that protect you as a consumer. From that moment, the prices and conditions will have contractual status and cannot be modified without the express agreement of both parties.


You can now reserve your favorite products at Galerie Portraits! How does it work?

When a product is not physically available yet, you’ll often have the option to reserve it. By clicking the “Add to Cart” button, you can proceed with the order as usual. All products are fully paid for at the time of purchase or reservation.

The advantage of reserving products at Galerie Portraits is that you secure the purchase of numbered or exclusive products. If you reserve a product, we guarantee to block the units you reserved in your favor, and, unless you cancel the reservation, that stock is protected for you.

Please note that the reception date of the merchandise may change depending on maritime and air traffic, as well as manufacturing and customs issues.


You have 24 hours to check the integrity of all components of your order and verify that it includes everything each product should have. After these 24 hours, we assume that you have accepted your order and are satisfied with the received products. Therefore, we cannot accept claims for damage or faults during shipping after this period.

An order will be considered delivered when you have signed the delivery receipt. It is within the next 24 hours that you must check the products as mentioned above and state any objections that may exist.

All merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, in perfect condition and protected so that it is not received with transport seals or adhesive tapes. Otherwise, Galerie Portraits reserves the right to reject the return.

Once the merchandise is received in our facilities and verified to be in perfect condition, the refund will be processed if indicated.

Important: If the logistics operator cannot deliver your order, either because the address you provided during the purchase process is incorrect or lacks necessary information, or due to repeated absences at the delivery location, if you want to cancel your order, we will refund the amount, deducting in any case the shipping and logistical costs derived from those unsuccessful delivery attempts. Make sure to include your home or delivery point information, including all necessary details for the transport company to make the delivery, and return the call you couldn’t answer on the expected delivery days; presumably, it will be the transport company trying to agree on a new delivery date or time with you.


We would like to emphasize that you cannot accept the receipt of any order if you see that the box has defects such as cracks, fissures, dents, or if you perceive that the product is open, manipulated, or in poor condition. In such cases, you must communicate to the delivery person that you reject the delivery, and in the delivery note they provide, specify in writing that you reject the order for those reasons. Likewise, you must notify us of this circumstance within the next 24 hours, via an email addressed to

If you accept any package in such conditions, you lose any possibility of claiming, as we are not responsible for possible damages that orders may suffer during their shipping phase.


At Galerie Portraits, we offer you the possibility to return products within the first 14 natural days, for any reason, from the date you receive the order, as long as the conditions outlined on this page are met.


The General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16) in its Article 2 (General concept of consumer and user) indicates that: “For the purposes of this regulation and without prejudice to what is expressly provided in its third and fourth books, consumers or users are natural or legal persons who act in a field outside a business or professional activity.” Therefore, purchases made by legal entities (companies, societies, etc.) as such are not covered by this Law, and therefore, some or all of the conditions indicated in this section will not apply to them.


There are cases where the possibility of returning the product you purchased does not apply. We know that legal texts are cumbersome, but we have to inform you that these cases are covered by Law 47/2002 of December 19, which amends Law 7/1996 of January 15 on the Retail Trade. Through this reform, our legal system incorporated the provisions of Directive 97/7/EC on distance contracts and adapted to community regulations.

The cases mentioned in the previous paragraph and that are excluded from exercising the right of withdrawal are:

For reasons of personal hygiene, the return of any of the following products will not be accepted if they have been unsealed or show the slightest signs of use and/or configuration:

  • Mugs or similar.
  • T-shirts or similar if showing any sign of having been used longer than necessary to check the size.
  • Cushion covers if they have been used.
  • Wines.
  • Products with obvious signs of use or manipulation beyond what is essential to verify the suitability of the product, scratches, rubbing, or any type of damage or whose serial number has been altered, removed, or any label or marking that includes it as standard has been peeled off.
  • Products that do not include all the packaging, documentation, accessories, etc., that were sent with the original product and in perfect condition.
  • Products that include some type of promotional code or associated service that has been unsealed or used by the customer.
  • Digital products, by their nature, do not allow return once the purchase is confirmed. To make a return, you must contact us exclusively by email (

All merchandise must be returned in perfect condition and in packaging that ensures its protection, to guarantee that the product does not suffer damages during transport to our facilities.

Returns must be delivered to the destination within 7 days after the acceptance date of the return. Otherwise, it will be rejected and returned.

Once the merchandise is received and checked to be in perfect condition, the refund will be processed if indicated.

In case of partial withdrawal of an order, the shipping costs corresponding to that order will be refunded proportionally to the items affected by this withdrawal.

Transportation costs incurred for the return will be borne by the customer.

Refunds via bank transfer for returns will have a maximum processing period of 14 days due to administrative procedures, although we try not to exceed 7 days.


Order cancellations involving a refund to the customer that we have to process by bank transfer will have a maximum execution period of 30 days due to administrative procedures, but we always try to make the period no more than 7 days.