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"Retratos Femeninos" Exhibition

The present proposal by the international artist and owner of Galerie Portraits, Séfora Camazano, based in Bétera, in collaboration with the Valencian company Feedback Cultural, is an art exhibition made up of twelve portraits of women that suffered situations of social exclusion in different conditions. Who, despite of all the difficulties they have gone through, are getting by with the help of various NGOs such as: Fundación AdeccoAsociación Alanna, Esclavitud XXI and CEARamong others.

For the design of this exhibition, we were inspired by the Valencian painter Joaquín Sorolla, given that he is one of the most internationally known Spanish artists, and that the representation of women in all conditions has been key in his work.


With this exhibition we want to give visibility to these women who are usually unknown and don’t have the opportunity to be the protagonists of portraits of these characteristics. At the same time, their personal stories and how each of them is trying to get out of their risk of social exclusion will be told.

Their portraits will be represented in a way that Sorolla would have portrayed them, with elegance, respect and great style. That is the reason why choosing the master painter was key in this exhibition. At a time when women who did not belong to the upper class were completely invisible in the History of Art, Sorolla decided to change the artistic paradigm and show them to the world.

Sorolla’s way of portraying women is always as strong and dignified figures. Women of all social classes, focused on their tasks, taking care of their children or simply posing without prejudice. That is why we will use these images to give them the greatest dignity and a different representation than usual.


There will be a total of 12 large-format artworks, similar in size to the original reference artworks, with the common theme of representation of free women, proud of their family and their work.

The portraits will be interpretations of the works of Sorolla by the artist Séfora Camazano, offering her own vision and style to represent these women. All the artworks will be produced using various methodologies and artistic techniques, recreating the various compositions, brushstrokes, as well as other elements such as color and light.

All of them will be done in the studio-art gallery “Galerie Portraits” by the artist Séfora Camazano, located in Bétera (Valencia).

“Raquel Meller” (1918) - Joaquín Sorolla
“Libertad” (2022) - Séfora Camazano


This exhibition aims to be inclusive from the start, and for this reason it has made a clear commitment to accessibility since its creation. Along with the production of the exhibition, an audio and video guide will be made so the visitors can learn, directly through the artist Séfora Camazano, a detailed explanation of each artwork of the exhibition using inclusive audio description (developed with a novel methodology for blind and non-blind people) and subtitles for deaf people, in several languages.

These contents can be seen with the “Cultura Accesible”, application – a mobile application for IOS and Android – which works as an audio guide. At the moment, through the application you can enjoy various spaces and museum exhibitions in the city of Valencia.

Thanks to the app, 12 beacons (Bluetooth signaling beacons) will be used to help the viewer to locate themselves in each artwork. This technology will also help blind people or people with vision problems, to improve their mobility within the exhibition.

The “Cultura Accesible” project has been carried out thanks to the sponsorship of the Ayuntamiento de València, through the Servici d’Innovació.


Our main purpose for carrying out this project is that this exhibition will have a strong social impact. For this reason, we want it to be a traveling exhibition. From Valencia, it should travel to various points in Spain, as well as outside our borders. Its character and theme make it understandable and possible to reach any type of target audience.

We want to show the histories of these women and their artworks, and how a unique exhibition project can be made from our community and reach the whole world.

In the opening ceremony of the exhibition we want several female artists to participate, agents of the Valencian culture and other Valencian artists, in addition to the women portrayed, the NGOs with which they contacted and various associations that help women, among other organizations. All of them have already shown interest in the project even before producing it, collaborating with us in whatever way possible.

The social networks and various information channels of all these organizations will echo the opening of the exhibition. Séfora Camazano and Feedback Cultural will promote and publicize both the opening of the exhibition and the exhibition itself through their respective communication channels.


YOU can participate in this crowdfunding and help make the “Female Portraits” exhibition a reality by acquiring one or more of the prizes and rewards that we offer below. If your purchase is over 50 euros, your name will be printed inside the catalogue as a sign of gratitude.

If you wish, you can also make a donation of any value through bank transfer (IBAN ES82 1465 0300 61 1728424488) or bizum to this telephone number: 652066124. Please send us an email  if you wish to do so.

The delivery dates of the rewards are indicated on each product. Thank you very much for your contribution and for helping us to make this important initiative go ahead.